Are there brokers for UI/UX or Graphic designers?


Im wondering if anyone knows which brokers (and if there are any) I can be sending my CV to for design assignments here in Sweden.
So far I have seen one or two on techrelations and brainville. But thats it

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Hello @Alexandr and thanks for your question! The answer is that brokers usually not specialize in types of assignment, but rather clients :stuck_out_tongue: they take the clients they can get and publish the assignments they have, whatever that might be. Which is a mess for us, but that is how things work, sadly. So any broker could, in theory publish such assignments. I have seen many different ones. Look at the assignment portals and see what they have published before and then you get a hunch of what assignments they can deliver to you. If they are in tech/IT, chances are that they might have such assignments, right. There is not shortcut, i’m afraid! Best of luck :slight_smile: