List for consultant brokers in Netherlands or Denmark


Sorry for not writing Swedish. I feel more comfortable in English at the moment.

I saw the list for consultant brokers in Sweden and it is awesome! Thank you for all the effort.

Since the Swedish market is a bit tight lately in terms of consulting assignments and SEK losing value against other currencies like DKK and EURO, I was wondering if there is a similar consultant brokers list for Netherlands or Denmark. If not, it would be nice to create one. What do you think?

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Hello @Urjan and thanks for your message! I agree. It most definitely is needed and would be awesome. I could absolutely do that, but I need to think about the setup a little bit so that it makes sense with my website and the bigger picture :slight_smile: mostly also from a technical perspective since I am no developer myself (mostly a happy amateur hacking html and a little bit of javascript) :stuck_out_tongue: i will put it in my backlog :wink: thanks again for the inspiration and best of luck to you!! BR, Anna

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