When do we pay taxes as a company?

I’ve heard from friends in informal conversations that in Sweden you pay taxes in advance and then correct the amounts paid and received by the end of each tax year. I’m a little confused by that but also didn’t find a practical calendar of when taxes are paid, and based on what they are calculated, when we just start a new company.

I would say that is a correct summary. The idea is that the company pays tax on the profit. Throughout the fiscal year, the company pays “preliminary tax” (debiterad preliminärskatt) on the estimated profit, with one twelfth every month. After the fiscal year has ended, you will know what the actual profit was, and the tax on that will be corrected after you have submitted the company’s tax declaration (inkomstdeklaration).

If your company has recently started and you don’t know how much profit you will make during the first year, you can enter 0 to begin with, and then correct that figure once you have a better estimate. You can change the estimated profit as many times as you like, both upwards and downwards.

Here you can see which dates that apply:

Keep in mind that the company will also have to pay VAT and employment taxes if it sells things that are subject to VAT or employs people, respectively. VAT Is paid monthly, quarterly, or annually (you can decide), and employment taxes are paid monthly.

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thanks so much for your answer @martin :slight_smile: I agree with what you have said and now I have also written an article about the corporate taxes we pay in Sweden, called “företagsskatter” in Swedish. Please use Google translate to read it in English. I would summarize the taxes that we pay as: corporate tax (bolagsskatten), employment tax (arbetsgivaravgifterna), final tax (slutskatt) and moms (VAT). Read more about them all and more stuff regarding this topic here: Företagsskatter | By Anna Leijon
Any feedback on the article is more than welcome :slight_smile: