How can the “Money left in the company” be used?

I understand that we take a salary for ourselves on a monthly basis, and there’s an amount that we can use to either take vacation, invest in equipment, or pay ourselves health benefits (up to 5000). If I want to use this amount (or part of this amount) for other reasons than the ones I mentioned, let’s say to amortize part of my mortgage. How can it be taken out?

I’ve found this article but it’s a bit confusing since the first thing it says is something along the lines of: When you run your business as a sole proprietorship, you can never take out a salary for yourself.

I’ve also read Anna mention accrual fund (periodiseringsfond) as a way to optimize things. I’d like to understand more about how it works. Please assume I’m completely new to this subject. :slight_smile:

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@Anonymous thanks for your question :slight_smile: The money left in the company - this is also up to your personal preference. Many apply more or less creative bookkeeping methods, depending on how they interpret the rules here. The money can be invested in the stock market as well (besides what you already mentioned). You can give yourself and +1 so-called “personnel parties” twice a year (deductible - not having to pay taxes on it) including 1 nights sleepover, dinner (but only a certain low amount of alcohol is included). The rest need to be paid for including taxes. You can give yourself “christmas gifts” up to a certain amount deductible every year. There are a loooot of random stuff you can spend money on in the company :stuck_out_tongue: the motivation is that it should be needed in your business, but the rules above are some exemptions from that rule. I bought a camera since I have a blog, I have bought golf balls with my company name on it to give away to clients (marketing material). This list goes on forever :stuck_out_tongue:

If you want to get it out in pure cash there are mainly two ways - as salary or as dividend. How much dividend you are allowed to take out is decided by how much salary you take out. You probably wanna take out a salary each month up to the “prisbasbelopp”, which in the year 2023 is going to be 52 500 SEK. You want to do this since this maximizes your social insurance, pension, maternity leave and so forth (you will receive the maximum amount here from, among others, Försäkringskassan and other government entities). So at least that salary is recommended to take out each month.

Please give this article a read: Anställd vs Frilanskonsult - en jämförelse i siffror | By Anna Leijon
which talks more about salary and how it can be paid out depending on if you want to optimize freetime or salary! Good luck :slight_smile:

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“When you run your business as a sole proprietorship, you can never take out a salary for yourself.”

That’s correct if you run your business in the form of enskild firma. The reason you cannot take out a salary for yourself then is because you and the company are the same legal entity. Any money that is left is yours to keep, to simplify it.

If you run your business in the form of aktiebolag, the business is a separate legal entity and you may let the business pay you a salary.

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