Freelance/consulting for mechanical engineer, is there a market?Is it worth it?

Hello, I’ve been living in Sweden, Stockholm, for one year and half.

I’m an engineer, with 13 years experience in a industrial companies as mechanical designer/development, simulation and technical laboratory engineer, at the moment I’m working as an employee in a firm consulting company.

Reading the writings, I thought how exciting, fun and satisfying it could be to open my own consulting company and work as a freelancer, it wouldn’t be easy, I know, but why not, I’m wondering if it is time to think about it, maybe it is a time to gi ahead and do a step in the uncomfort zone.

I have always thought that the freelancer life is more suitable for an IT engineer, I’m not an IT engineer, I’m in the mechanical fields

Do you think is it affordable as a mechanical engineer to open your own consulting company? Is there enough market to be a freelance/consulting company and take an assignment?
What do you think?

Thank you everyone in advance