Where to find a styrelsesuppleant?

Hej, thanks Anna for all the information, very useful.

As I understand, there is no way to start ett aktiebolag without adding (at least) a 2nd person to the application (a suppleant).

This is what is currently blocking me, I don’t know anyone In the EU to add to the application.

I tried buying a lagerbolag, but they also have a styrelsesuppleant requirement.
Googling a bit I found that it is common for someone from a redovisningsbyrå to appear as a suppleant in a clients company but redovisningsbyråer are quoting me about 1500 kr per month for their services.

As I understand it’s possible to do your own accounting for much less.

Is there any other option I’m missing to find a styrelsesuppleant?


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If you are the only person in the board, there needs to be at least one alternate member. That person has no formal responsibility, unless you are not able to fulfil your duty as member of the board. One example of that could be if you need to be hospitalised for a longer period of time.

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thanks for the question @seb2you and answer @martin . This is quite an interesting question you bring up. I totally understand that you do not want to pay for the book keeping services when you can do them yourselves. Do you have a friend or anyone you know in Sweden who you can ask? As Martin says, there is no formal responsibility of that person other than if you were to fall sick or anything along those lines. Then that person has to send in the yearly statement, for example. Even a colleague at work could help you out that you know somewhat. Sit down with them and go through the responsibility. You can always change this person whenever you want later! Good luck :slight_smile:

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No “good” way around it I think, the requirement is there for a reason.

The “best” way to do it is to find someone who takes it seriously enough to understand what it’s about. And a good way to do that (ensure a “serious enough” commitment) is to (even if it’s not an accounting firm) offer something in return, and keep at least some relationship to the person so they know what’s going on in the business.

That being said, it’s not necessarily a huge commitment, so don’t make it a problem it doesn’t need to be. You can probably find someone :slight_smile:

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