Writing a CV as a UI and graphic designer


I have written my CV and was hoping to get some feedback on it.
I was just wondering if it looks and sounds right or not.
I am super grateful to Anna for this forum and for that interview on youtube. It’s how i got an idea of how i might have a better chance of getting work here in Sweden. As i have tried the normal route and did not succeed in getting any position in any company. Which has been very sad because i think i have good design skills with which i can provide services here. So now im hoping to work with brokers and to create my own company which is supper exciting!
Thank you in advance!

I didnt understand how to attach a PDF file here so here is a link to my google drive. I hope thats okay.

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No responses. Is this because I have included a link?

Hello @Alexandr sorry for the late response. I have been sick with the winter vomit, as it is called, and have not been feeling well so I have been unable to check this forum for a while, but now I am better :slight_smile: did you see and use my tips under “CV writing”: CV-mall för konsulter och frilansare | By Anna Leijon. Reuse the content structure and what types of info to include from that. Designer CVs tend to be so flashy :stuck_out_tongue: I am definitely not an expert here, but they usually are very nice to look at, which I frankly do not think yours is. It looks like a news paper. I do not say that my CV template is rather good looking either, but I am not a designer. Google some super nice designer template with graphical elements ready and reuse that :stuck_out_tongue: I would do that if I were you. Remember that it probably is a senior designer who will look at it and judge it and it is the first impression. Here you have a chance to stand out as a designer and show your particular touch. Again. I really do not know that much of what I am talking about since designing is not my cup of tea. Other feedback: the CV is rather short, but maybe you do not have that much experience? Write more about each assignment so it becomes longer. When I read it, it sound very general. You should reuse my structure - the interesting takeaway is what YOU have done and what YOU have contributed with. You have a couple of spelling mistakes, for example “perior” instead of “period”. In you case, maybe you should try getting shorter assignments via Upwork or anyone of those portals? In order to get your boots off the ground, so to say. Maybe you need a little bit more meat on your bones before landing a full-time designer assignment. Like I have specified in my CV guide, you should introduce the company you worked at as well. I do not see that you have done that in your CV. I do not know the company at all, which does not give any weight to your experience. So you need to help the reader understand what type of company you worked for. Okay, those are some of my first impressions of your CV. I am trying to help, but remember that I am not a designer myself. Maybe you can reach out on Linkedin and ask for a senior designer mentor who can help out with your CV? Linkedin is actually very useful in these instances :slight_smile: Best of luck!!!